For over 47 years we have been here, providing solutions and helping solve problems. We, like any family owned business, pride ourselves on our work. With the addition of the third generation to join the work force you can be sure we will continue to provide service and back-up for all of our products for years to come.
We can help. With our years of experience we can save you time, money and headaches. We will see to it that you are accurately informed of all regulations pertaining to the use of our products, including labeling, shipping and useage. Authority in EPA, USDA, DOT and OSHA regulations.
  • Wide Product Offering We offer over 300 tested and proven formulas.
  • Custom Formulating We can manufacture to your specifications or analyze and match your existing products.
  • Delivery Our trucks give us the ability to schedule deliveries to meet your requirements.
  • Private Labeling We can custom decorate your containers with surprisingly low minimum orders. We will handle the complete job. Typesetting, artwork, silkscreening or paper labels.
  • Due to our continued growth, we have recently acquired a larger and more modern facility. This new facilty, with it's mulitple shipping and recieving docks, modern warehouse facility and expanded square footage, will enable us to improve our service to our customers by increasing productivity, thereby reducing order lead time and helping to keep labor costs in line. This gives us the competitive edge that we need to keep prices affordable and earn your business.
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